Molyneux: Motion Control Isn't Going To Kill Standard Controllers

By Colin Tan on August 3, 2010, 10:15PM EDT

In an interview with Develop, Fable III's Peter Molyneux has stated that he doesn't think motion controls will ever take over standard ones. In fact, they're simply just different experiences, like riding a bike versus skateboarding.

"The controller is a skateboard. It requires an element of skill and practice for use. And yes, it is lovely and refreshing to use motion controllers, but they are a different kind of experience.

"You can argue all you want that bicycles are better for cycling than skateboards, but ultimately they're too different experiences for compare.

"Games controllers have been designed for two decades, and they're not going anywhere, they will continue to evolve. I don't think motion control, in itself, will cause the death of standard controllers."

The topic of motion control versus standard controllers is certainly an interesting one. However, it's pretty safe to say that Molyneux is quite right in this regard. Standard controllers aren't going anywhere, not any time soon anyway.

What's your take on this? Think motion control is the future or just another avenue to be explored?

Source: Develop

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