More Uncharted 2 DLC On The Way

By Colin Tan on August 12, 2010, 6:20PM EDT

Naughty Dog's community strategist Arne Mayer has publicly announced yet another multiplayer DLC pack for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves over at the PlayStation Blog. The DLC pack will be available on August 17, expect a ton of new - and old - skins.

Dubbed the Sidekick Skins pack, this DLC includes more multiplayer skins of Sully, Chloe and Elena as well as a couple of villains to balance it all out. Here's a list of what you get,

  • Heist Chloe
  • Borneo Chloe
  • Borneo Sully
  • UDF Sully
  • Winter Sully
  • Wetsuit Elena
  • Mac
  • Dillon

In addition, Naughty Dog's also releasing a dynamic theme for the PS3 which features Nathan Drake dragging his freezing arse through the snow, as seen in the train wreck stage of Among Thieves. Check it out below,

The skins will retail at $2.99, same for the dynamic theme, on August 17 on the PlayStation Store.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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