New EverQuest Next Game Art Revealed

By Adam Ma on August 6, 2010, 11:52PM EDT

EverQuest is a game that I never personally enjoyed, but deserves a bit of respect. As the forerunner of a lot of MMO concepts, EQ has slipped quite a long way from being king of the hill. Still, it likes like SOE isn't quite ready to let go of the franchise yet. EQ2 is still receiving support after all, and now Massively has drawn some attention to a few interesting (and beautiful) screenshots.

The next game in the EverQuest series is apparently called EverQuest Next, which sounds absolutely ridiculous but looks pretty impressive so far. Though they both have a very 'unfinished concept art' look, the screenshots displayed at a special slide presentation are actually take from in-game. It would certainly make for a memorable landscape, and is a nice step in establishing the series as more than just any old MMO.

We'll be sure to keep track of the developments on EverQuest Next, and let you know how things are going for SOE.

Source: Massively

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