Rumour: PlayStation Branded Smartphone/PSP2 Is Abound

By Colin Tan on August 12, 2010, 7:00PM EDT

Rumours of a PlayStation branded smartphone are slapping internet users in the face left, right and center. The report originates from Engadget sources, indicating that Sony Ericsson is currently hard at work at developing a smartphone/gaming device that runs Gingerbread - Google's Android 3.0 platform.

Why is this labeled a PlayStation branded device instead of the next iteration of Walkman phones? Simply because the device is said to replace the QWERTY keyboard with the D-pad as well as the well known PlayStation face and shoulder buttons.

"The D-pad is here, but instead of the small joystick, the device will have what was described as a 'long touch pad' for analog controls, along with standard PSP buttons and shoulder buttons," says Engadget.

According to CVG, a high ranking game developer declined to comment on the topic as he was "under NDA," indicating that the phone is in fact real. Sony had also trademarked PlayView earlier this year, which sounds highly likely to be the name of the device.

Is Sony really making a PSPhone? Or is this perhaps the PSP2, a culmination of smartphone and gaming technology combined in a less-than-Frankenstein-esque way? The rumours say it'll be out by the end of the year, if that holds true than more information is bound to hit the web sooner rather than later.

Source: CVG

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