Silver Surfer Rumored For MvC3

By Adam Ma on July 31, 2010, 10:39PM EDT

There have been a lot of fake posts of 'character lineups' for Marvel vs Capcom 3 lately, and everyone seems to be desperately biting. Fortunately, this rumor looks a little better grounded than just 'a list'. MvC3's producer Ryoto Niitsuma has recently done an interview regarding the game, an interview that may of been slightly leaked.

The interview discusses the Fantastic Four's relevancy in the game, offers a few details on the Silver Surfer, and some new info about Super Skrull. Pretty cool stuff, and far more believable than a list of characters that should be in the game revealed by an unnamed source.

Capcom is set to make a new announcement soon regarding the game, most likely character oriented. If we're lucky, Silver Surfer will be confirmed. If not, we're still going to be lucky because that just means someone else will be confirmed instead!

Source: IPlayWinner

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