Sony Not Expecting Huge First Day For PlayStation Move

By Colin Tan on August 26, 2010, 5:55PM EDT

According to Sony, they aren't expecting a ridiculously huge first day launch or sales for their new motion tech, the PlayStation Move. In fact, Sony believes that the Move will succeed as times goes by via word of mouth.

Speaking with Eurogamer, SCE's senior vice president Ray Maguire said, "Move is a natural extension in the same way as we brought EyeToy to PS2."

"Exactly as with the EyeToy in the PS2 days, it's a product that needs to be sampled. You need to get your hands on it. You need to understand it. You need to try it."

"Am I expecting a massive day one? Not particularly. We didn't with EyeToy, either. It went on to be massively successful," he added.

"As people saw the value when they tried it they told their friends. Their friends bought it. They told their friends. Word of mouth grew the marketplace. That's what I expect from Move as well."

The Move will retail on September 19 in North America for $49.99 and its buddy navigation stub for $29.99. Of course, Sony's offering bundles too. A Move controller, PlayStation Eye along with Sports Champions and a demo disc will be available for $99.99. The above will also be bundled with a PlayStation 3 system for $399.99.

Source: Eurogamer

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