Sony's New Gaming Headsets Come With Free Medal Of Honor

By Colin Tan on August 17, 2010, 1:46PM EDT

Medal of Honor is out in two months and it looks like Sony's supporting the PC version with quite the bang. Sony's launching two of its newest PC gaming headsets, built to recreate that extensive surround sound quality packed in an incredibly sleek and sexy design.

The first set is the DR-GA500 and it packs support for Dolby Pro Logic IIx and according to Sony, is perfect for those ever popular First Person Shooters. The second doesn't have as high-end features or specs, but the DR-GA200 still offers plenty for gamers with a lower budget on headsets.

Starting October 15, both these headsets will retail with a free copy of EA's Medal of Honor! That should give an indication to the approximate price point of these devices.

Source: VG247

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