Square Enix Announces GUN LOCO Singing Contest

By Colin Tan on August 23, 2010, 6:05PM EDT

Square Enix recently announced a new Xbox 360 exclusive. Dubbed GUN LOCO, the game is a third person shooter with an outrageous cast of characters, prisoners on a far out prison planet fighting for their survival in a comical cartoon visual style.

Square Enix have announced via press release that they'll be running a competition starting from September 9 all the way through to October 4. Interestingly, it's a singing competition. All you need to do is head on over to the official site, download the MP3 and lyrics, open up your favourite recording software and start recording. With that done, upload your files in either MP3, AVI or MOV formats for a chance to be featured in the game itself.

What a third person shooter featuring convicts killing each other has to do with singing is beyond us. But hey, you get a chance to be featured in the game, that's good enough.

More details over at GunLoco.com.

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