The World Ends With You Sequel Quite Likely

By Colin Tan on August 9, 2010, 10:58PM EDT

Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that if time allowed it, he would love to do a sequel to DS hit The World Ends With You.

Tetsuya Nomura was the character designer for the 2008 action RPG and admits that a sequel would be a wonderful thing to do; however, he is also currently working on several other projects including Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, The 3rd Birthday, the Kingdom Hearts franchise as well as other unannounced games.

"I'm really happy that the game was so well received in North America," Nomura told Nintendo Power. "I definitely want to make a sequel. I'm very busy working on other titles right now, but when the time is right, I would love to make another installment of The World Ends with You."
With all the other projects Nomura currently has under his belt, it'll probably be a while before we see a sequel to The World Ends With You.

Source: Official Nintendo Magazine

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