Transformers MMO Announced

By Adam Ma on August 3, 2010, 2:23AM EDT

In the long list of things currently being licensed to become an MMO, Transformers at least makes some sense. It's a big open world, tons of characters, and they can turn into just about anything that relies on some form of electricity. Thankfully we won't have to sit around and imagine what such a game would be like, as NetDragon has just announced they'll be making it.

Hasbro has already given the green light for said project, and though very limited information exists there have been a few confirmations. First, that it will be an RPG. Second, it will (at launch) be released to a curious grouping of regions. China, "Asia" Russia, the Middle East and North Africa will all be seeing the game upon release.

Naturally with the game in such an early 'announcement' phase no explanation has been given, but seeing as Transformers is such a massive franchise we can expect to hear a little more news soon.

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