Ubisoft Details Ghost Recon PSP And Wii

By Colin Tan on August 16, 2010, 2:00PM EDT

Ubisoft has let loose some of the dirty details behind Ghost Recon Predator for the PlayStation Portable and Ghost Recon Wii. Both will be shipping at the same time in November this year.

Ghost Recon Predator for the PSP is an exclusive title for Sony's handheld platform. The Ghosts have been inserted into Sri Lanka in order to pave the way for an American invasion force. However, they discover that they're about to attack the wrong enemy - surprise! Now it's up to them to prevent all hell from breaking loose.

The Ghosts will be thrown into crowded city streets without knowing friend from foe. Only their high-tech equipment and military training can help them out of this mess. As Ubisoft's Senior Brand Manager Nate Mordo puts it, "we really wanted to make the player feel like an elite soldier surrounded by highly-trained teammates and include as many cool features as we could." That includes third person cover, character swapping as well as some nifty customizable equips like a surveillance R/C car.

Ghost Recon Wii will be an entirely seperate story, throwing Ghosts Hibbard and Booth into a bit of a precarious situation where they're seperated from the rest of their team after an insertion into Moscow. The game has been built for co-op, featuring a single screen two player co-op mode for a more "natural" feel.

Source: VG247

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