Ubisoft Toronto Has Big Ambitions

By Colin Tan on August 9, 2010, 10:20PM EDT

Ubisoft Toronto's managing editor Jade Raymond has told Develop that the up-and-coming studio branch is aiming big. In fact, she hopes to build up the team and develop five triple-A titles under the Ubisoft Toronto brand.

Raymond revealed that the studio is already working on a couple of major titles - one of which is the next Splinter Cell game.

"We want to grow to 800 staff in ten years, we're on two major projects now, and eventually we'll be working on five," she said. "I can't say specifics now, we don't want to get ahead of ourselves in our first year. But yeah, that's the plan."

In addition, Ubisoft currently spreads its workload across different teams within the company, allowing them to develop titles a lot faster. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is currently spread between five different studios and will release only a year after the last iteration.

"The bottom line is the way we are developing games today is changing," she said. "Games are growing into huge-scale triple-A projects. If you look at any big brand like GTA, the games are being done across multiple studios and multiple teams."

"Once your team reaches over 200 people "“ even if they're in the same studio "“ you need complex management methods to make sure everything is held together; the feature development, the communication, and everything else".

Source: Develop

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