Valve Making Defense Of The Ancients Game

By Adam Ma on August 7, 2010, 11:30PM EDT

Well, Duke Nukem's voice actor at least. Jon St. John just recently broke the news over a tweet that he's been recording some work for DotA, and that Valve are quite a nice group of people to work with. For those unaware, Valve had hired DotA developer Icefrog a while back in order to ensure that their version of the game was up to snuff.

There's be little word as to what the game will actually consist of, but there's little doubt it'll be anything but awesome. There are already a few DotA style games out there, but I'm sure Valve will be working quite hard to ensure that there's some difference in this version. With one of the developers from the original DotA on board, it's certainly set to be a very promising game already.

Source: Destructoid

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