Conduit 2 Slips Into 2011

By Colin Tan on September 3, 2010, 3:07PM EDT

Sega and High Voltage's Conduit 2 has slipped into the first quarter of 2011. The sci-fi, first person shooter for the Wii was originally slated for a November 2 release. The delay has been confirmed by Sega and High Voltage in an email to Nintendojo.

There has been no particular explanation for the delay; however, it has been confirmed that players will be able to play the game with both the classic controllers in addition to Wii MotionPlus support.

We saw and demoed the game at E3 and the gameplay plays with an impressive silky smooth frame rate with plenty of action. Conduit 2 will be playable at PAX this week.

Source: Nintendojo

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