EA: No Backlash From Consumers Regarding Online Pass

By Colin Tan on September 16, 2010, 6:35PM EDT

It looks like EA's Online Pass program is doing pretty well. There has been no backlash, riots or revolts led by angry second-hand consumers.

"The reception of the program has been positive," says EA chief financial officer Eric Brown.

"We though about [Online Pass] pretty carefully and there hasn't been any significant push-back from the consumer, because I think people realize that if you're buying a physical disc and it requires an attachment to some one else's network and servers, [those] people realize bandwidth isn't free.

"So the fact that we're diffusing or covering online costs is not viewed to be unreasonable. We're well into this program and there is no consumer backlash."

EA's Online Pass requires consumers who purchase used games to pay a one-time activation fee for a code to gain access to EA's online services, including online multiplayer on many of their titles.

EA and THQ are the only companies to utilize the Online Pass program in order to dig into the used games market, of which publishers currently see no returns from any sales.

Source: Eurogamer

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