Majority Of Adults Support Banning Sales of Violent Games To Minors

By Colin Tan on September 15, 2010, 12:32PM EDT

According to a poll conducted by Zogby International, non-profit group Common Sense Media have reported that a good majority, 72 percent, of adults are supportive of a ban to prohibit the sale of violent video games to minors.

CEO and founder of Common Sense Media James Steyer says that "the results of this poll clearly show that not only do the effects of ultraviolet or sexually violent games weigh heavily on the minds of parents, but also that parents feel the video game industry is not doing enough to protect kids from accessing these games.

"The Supreme Court's decision is going to have a huge impact on families and kids across the country. What we've learned from this poll is that parents want to be the ones who decide which games their kids play, not the video game industry."

Last I checked, the video games industry doesn't decree what games kid should play. In fact, it does just about as much as the movie industry to prevent kids from accessing any and all mature content.

In the end, it's the parents' responsibility to protect their children, not anyone else's.

Source: Business Wire

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