Medal Of Honor Breaks Franchise Pre-Order Record

By Colin Tan on September 30, 2010, 6:20PM EDT

EA have revealed that Medal of Honor has indeed broken franchise records for most pre-orders, the game hits store shelves on October 12 in North America and October 15 in the UK.

"This milestone positions Medal Of Honor alongside EA's top pre-selling action games, and there is still one week remaining until the game hits retails shelves on Oct 12," said EA.

Interestingly, EA admits that they don't expect the reboot to outsell the big shots like Halo or Call of Duty at launch, but believes it will build itself up in the coming years. They also said Medal of Honor will need to sell three million units in order to get a sequel.

PC gamers can download the open beta client starting tomorrow. The beta launches on October 4.

Source: CVG

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