Motorstorm Apocalypse Features Game Editor

By Colin Tan on September 15, 2010, 3:04AM EDT

Sony and Evolution Studios' Motorstorm Apocalypse will enable players to edit and create their very own game modes, not to mention share them over PSN.

Speaking to VG247, Evolution Studios revealed that the game will ship with a "game editor" mode for players to tinker around with. It's the same set of tools that the dev team used to create standard game modes and while players won't be able to create their own levels, they can adjust and create custom game modes.

"We're also shipping basically the same tools we used to make those game modes on the disc. So the player will be able to string together a series of actions to create a consequence to string together rules to basically create and then share their own game modes online.

"It's taking cues from LittleBigPlanet; it's not extended where you can build entire levels, but where you can set your own rules up.

"If you don't want it to be who comes first, you can change those rules so it's like a points scoring system that you've devised," he said.

"Or rules where any vehicle come into contact with another vehicle, they both explode. You can do whatever you want. We'll promote the best [modes] on the official matchmaker so everyone gets a chance to play these new game modes.

"So everytime you go online, hopefully it's going to be a fresh experience with something new to play, something that you haven't seen before."

It all sounds properly exciting. Motorstorm Apocalypse launches next year and will support 3D in all its psychedelic-goggle glory.

Source: VG247

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