Nippon Ichi Reveals Disgaea 4

By Colin Tan on September 20, 2010, 11:21AM EDT

Big news from Nippon Ichi Software, the Japanese niche games developer have announced the coming of Disgaea 4 exclusively for the PlayStation 3!

Much like its predecessors, Disgaea 4 is still all about that insane 2D strategy RPG action with players able to controls hordes of characters and chain huge combos.

One of the first things anyone familiar with the franchise will notice is that the visuals have gotten an extreme makeover. It's still 2D sprites, however they are of incredibly high resolution, making it look more like the original creations of illustator Takehito Harada.

Disgaea 4 will once again take place in the Netherworld, but the story will have more of a political theme. Don't let that worry you though as Nippon Ichi are promising "stupidity to the MAX." Moreover, the game includes network features like invading other players' worlds.

Joystiq reports that Disgaea 4 will launch on February 24 in Japan. The game is currently slated for a Summer 2011 release in North America.

Here's the debut trailer, check it out.

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