Only 6000 Copies Of DJ Max Portable 3 To Be Released

By Colin Tan on September 9, 2010, 11:15PM EDT

DJ Max is a pretty niche brand, it's a rhythm game featuring plenty of DJs and their tunes. It looks like PM Studios will only be releasing 5000 retail copies of DJ Max Portable 3 this October through Amazon and Once that runs out, it's all digital.

In addition, there will only be 1000 very limited editions of the game available at retail. The regular copies will retail for standard prices, $39.99, however the special edition bundle will cost $110.

Here's what you get with the special edition of DJ Max Portable 3.

  • DJ Max Portable 3 UMD
  • Alternate Coversheet
  • Special Art Book
  • DJ Max Portable 3 Soundtrack
  • Deluxe Packaging

Contest vouchers are also placed randomly in the special edition bundles, meaning not everyone is guaranteed to get them. These vouchers give fans a chance at winning some wicked prizes.

  • Grand Prize: Technika Championship Card (Only 30 made), Technika Platinum Crew Card (Only 30 made), Technika Limited Edition Panda Card, DJ Max Portable Black Square Limited Edition, DJ Max Trilogy Limited Edition, DJ Max Fever, DJ Max Black Square and Clazziquai Edition Combo Pack, Technika Limited Edition Soundtrack, Technika 2 Limited Edition Soundtrack.
  • First Tier: Free PSN Version of DJ Max Fever.
  • Second Tier: Free PSN Version of Strikers 1945 Plus.
  • Third Tier: Free Technika Championship Card
  • Third Tier: Free Technika Platinum Crew Card
  • Fourth Tier: Random Technika Card

That grand prize is quite impressive. You've got a one in one thousand chance of getting it. Pretty good odds. DJ Max Portable 3 retails on PSN on October 19. Watch for this if you don't want to miss out on a physical copy of the game.

Source: Kotaku

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