PSPs Given To Trapped Miners In Chile

By Colin Tan on August 31, 2010, 8:29PM EDT

On August 5th, 33 miners were trapped in a copper mine in Chile due to a disastrous accident. The survivors were discovered 17 days after the accident when a small drilling bit managed to break through 2257 feet of solid rock and earth into the emergency refuge where they were holed up in.

Unfortunately, rescuers have estimated that it'll take four long solid months before they are able to rescue all 33 miners. Daily essentials such as food and water are being delivered to them. They even have access to electricity.

Being trapped underground for the next four months definitely isn't something easy to swallow. While physical health will play a key role in their survival, so will the state of their mental and psychological health. Kotaku reports that in an attempt to keep the miners mentally sound, Sony PSPs have been delivered through to them. It's hopefully something that should brighten their day as well as aid in keeping these brave miners busy as they endure the long wait.

Source: Kotaku

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