Shank Devs Leave The Door Open For Shank 2

By Jordan Douglas on September 3, 2010, 1:24PM EDT

Klei Entertainment's latest project, Shank, just hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network last week. The 2D beat em' up with slick visuals and a Robert Rodriguez inspired story commanded considerable attention leading up to its release. Klei's Jamie Cheng recently sat down with Gaming Union. When asked about continuing Shank, Cheng said, "I think that would be really fun, yeah."

On the subject of extending the IP, which Klei owns, through DLC or a sequel, Cheng had this to say: "There's no plans for DLC right now, but I love Shank so if the opportunity permits I'd love to continue working on it. We've built the game as a singular experience. We've put everything we had right into the game."

"We're playing around with some things already. We've shipped Shank and now we're looking at feedback to see what we want to do next. There's no specific plan for what we're going to do next, but you'll still see us on digital download."

Listen to this week's LiveWareNetwork (Episode 11) podcast for the full interview with Jamie Cheng.

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