Sonic 4 Episode 1 Speeds Onto Consoles In October

By Darryl Kaye on September 28, 2010, 7:14AM EDT

It's the moment everyone has been waiting for, Sonic 4 Episode 1 finally has a release date(s); it's almost different for every single platform.

The game will appear first on the iTunes App store on the 7th of October, for all those iPhone/iPod gamers. It'll then appear on the North American WiiWare channel on the 11th of October. Following this will be an appearance on the North American PlayStation Network on the 12th and on the 13th, European PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. And last, but not least, European WiiWare on the 15th.

The game will cost 1,500 Wii Points, 1,200 Microsoft Points and $14.99 (£9.99) on PlayStation Network.

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