TGS Lineup For PlayStation Brand Is Big, DS Is Even Bigger

By Colin Tan on September 1, 2010, 10:09PM EDT

The Tokyo Game Show is usually known for a good amount of game announcements, especially from Japanese developers for obvious reasons. Interestingly enough, the Xbox 360 had more titles on show compared to the PlayStation 3 in 2009. However, PS3 takes the cake this year.

The Xbox 360 had 17 titles versus the 12 that the PS3 had last year. This year the PS3 has 23, one more than the Xbox 360's 22. The PlayStation brand in general has quite a showing as there is one PlayStation 2 game as well as a whopping 40 titles for the PlayStation Portable. Keep in mind that portable gaming is quite huge in Japan.

Just look at the DS.

The Nintendo DS has a massive library of games on show this year, tallying up to a good 109 according to

Sony's set to announce many more brand new titles this year, expect a good slew of announcements when TGS starts on September 16.

Source: 4gamer

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