Xbox 360 Sales Take A Nosedive In Japan

By Colin Tan on September 30, 2010, 7:37PM EDT

Big surprise here. Sales for Xbox 360s have taken a very huge nosedive in the week ending September 26. Microsoft's console enjoyed a boost in sales thanks to the launch of Halo: Reach, hitting nearly 6000 units sold. However, sales more then halved the following week, leaving it at at roughly 2500 units moved.

The DS SKUs seem to be enjoying the most sales thanks to the release of Pokémon Black & White in Japan. Sony's PlayStation Portable comes in at second place, selling more than the previous week mostly due to Sega's Black Panther Yakuza release.

Sony's PlayStation 3 is sitting at third, dishing out roughly 20,000 units in both weeks. The PSPgo is still doing awesomely bad, selling only 900 units.

Source: Andriasang

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