A Gobsmacking 50 Million People Addicted To Facebook Games

By Colin Tan on October 22, 2010, 3:12AM EDT

There are an estimated 500 million users registered on Facebook as of this day; however, not all peruse the social network site for, well, social networking. In fact, a good 53 percent of those users play many of facebook's flash-based games. 19 percent of those claim to be addicted. That's a gobsmacking 50 odd million addicts.

The reports comes from AllFacebook.com, where 10 mind blowing facts about the popular social network are revealed. Of the 19 percent of users claiming to be addicted to Facebook games, 69 percent of them are women.

A good 20 percent have paid for in-game benefits and a whopping 56 million play on a daily basis, that's more than the population of England. A phenomenal 290 million play on a monthly basis and the average time spent on Facebook per month is an estimated 421 minutes - roughly seven hours.

The report also claims that 50 percent of accounts are made simply for playing games. It even goes as far as to calculate an estimated 927 million hours spent per month on Facebook games. That's a jaw-dropping 105,878 man-years worth of virtual farming within a month.

Source: Facebook

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