Anonymity Lends A Hand In Suspending Reality Says Blizzard

By Colin Tan on October 22, 2010, 2:55AM EDT

For all the ruckus about Real ID - what with fans finding out every little detail about both Blizzard and Activision employees - Blizzard have realized that remaining anonymous is what their fans and gamers in general prefer to do. It helps in suspending reality and it's all simply part of gaming culture.

"That's been a very interesting thing for us to wrap our heads around at Blizzard," said Blizzard's project director Greg Canessa.

"We were a little surprised by the controversy [about requiring real names on forums], mostly because it was kind of wag the dog. It was not where our focus was [for Real ID]," he added. Real ID was basically a method to engage players and provide them with a suite of in-game social and community features.

"The forum stuff was kind of a side thing. The forums aren't that big of a deal relative to Blizzard's overall business. And so we were a little surprised. ... [But] we listen to our community. They didn't like it, and we quickly moved off of it."

Source: Gamasutra

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