Best Buy Sells PlayStation 3 Firmware Upgrades

By Colin Tan on October 2, 2010, 2:15PM EDT

Sony's firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 have always been free. It's also quite simple to perform, simply plug in your PS3, make sure you have an internet connection, and hit Update System. However, it looks like Best Buy thinks a lot of their customers are moronic neanderthals and have decided to charge extra dollars for a PS3 bundled with a firmware update.

The Best Buy in question is found in Staten Island, NYC. The Geek Squad ad displays a 120GB PS3 bundle for $329.98, PS3 Slims currently run at $299.99, so what's the extra $30 for? A firmware upgrade that enables users to "play all Blu-Ray movies and PS3 games" as well as "eliminates bugs and glitches."

Granted it's a service, but it's incredibly misleading to the average consumer who in the end may or may not believe that firmware upgrades are an incredibly complex process that requires the services of the Geek Squad and forking out $30 for it is a necessity. It's not.

Source: DualShockers

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