BioShock 2 PC DLC Back On, Feedback Swayed 2K

By Darryl Kaye on October 28, 2010, 10:34AM EDT

2K Games has announced that PC gamers will be getting DLC for BioShock 2 after all. This news comes as quite a shock considering a few weeks ago they said they weren't going to support the PC platform with DLC.

The u-turn comes after listening to feedback from consumers on the 2K forums.

"When we stopped development on Minerva's Den, it was not in a workable state and needed significantly more dev time to complete," said Elizabeth Tobey from 2K Games. "As of now, we are not certain how much longer it would take to complete the project to our standards, but we have reallocated resources to work on completing the project so PC gamers can have this experience in Rapture along with 360 and PS3 owners."

They will be releasing the Protector Trials for free on the PC this December, but a price hasn't been specified for Minerva's Den yet.

Source: 2K Forums

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