Capcom's Inafune Still Believes In Lost Planet Franchise

By Colin Tan on October 2, 2010, 1:44AM EDT

Capcom's head of R&D and global production Keiji Inafune still has faith in the little franchise known as Lost Planet, saying that he "still believes" in it regardless of its success at retail.

According to Capcom, Lost Planet 2 did not perform as well as they expected it too when it hit retailers around the world. Inafune was not part of the project although he created the original.

"I came up with the concept for the original Lost Planet and got involved quite a bit," said Inafune. "However, regrettably, Lost Planet 2 was done by someone else and I didn't really have any direct involvement. I still believe in the franchise, and if we do more with it I will definitely get involved directly."

"If a particular franchise or IP is continued by the creator, there is no problem. But in a large organisation that's not possible all the time. Therefore if you have to change the director or producer, etc, they would have to love the IP or franchise, including good points and bad points, as a whole. Without love, nothing happens."

If Capcom were to make a third Lost Planet game, Inafune quite guarantees that it'll be getting plenty of "love" from him.

Source: CVG

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