Fable III Kingmaker App To Be Released This Month

By Lauren Alessandra on October 1, 2010, 8:12PM EDT

Fable III : Kingmaker app is set to be released on Windows Phone 7, Android, and the iPhone this month.

The game will be interconnected with the with the Xbox 360 version of Fable III. The Gold you earn in Kingmaker can be transferred into the main Fable III title which will be released on October 29th.

"Fable III: Kingmaker brings gaming out of the home and turns your town or city into the setting for an epic online battle." says Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment boss Chris Lewis.

Android and Symbian phone users should expect the game's release on October 4th, while iPhone users; October 6th. Windows Phone 7 users will just have to wait until Microsoft launches the system.

Source: mcvuk.com

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