Final Fantasy XIII Team Discusses DLC and Future Projects

By Lauren Alessandra on October 4, 2010, 10:23AM EDT

In an interview with Final Fantasy producers, Yohsinori Kitase and Moturu Toriyama, the two reveal information about Final Fantasy XIII's missing DLC and future plans with the game's next installments.

On the DLC end, players were supposed to be getting a new free battle area called the Seventh Ark. Production on this area was put to an end when the team was unable to produce it with acceptable quality. This is because of the great differences between the PS3 and XBox 360 network systems. Where implementing downloadable weapons would've been easy, building a whole area would require many restrictions. Kitase insists the team will put better preparations into the next title with DLC in mind.

As for the future of the Final Fantasy XIII team, Kitase wants the next titles to help players further understand both the FFXIII story and the Fabular Nova Crystalis Mythology; information that even Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII won't cover. So this begs the question, will there be a Final Fantasy XIII sequel?

He did not deny this. Kitase went on to say it all depends on the fans' reaction. "I would like to see Lighning happy." He adds. So do we, Kitase, so do we!

Also, the Final Fantasy XIII staff are expected to follow a company policy stating that they will release 1 game every 2 years. Kitase confirmed the team's work on the next title. Here's to hoping this means we will finally see Versus!

This interview was featured in the Final Fantasy XIII Ultimania Omega guide and also you can find the transcription on

This guide provides an extensive overview of the game featuring nearly 200 pages of world setting drawings, detailed images of characters, lists of dialogue heard on the "fields of play", a guide to the world's symbolic language, and so on.

Also for you illustration fans, the first section of book is filled with storyboard illustrations by the late director, Yoshinori Kanada, who died July last year. The book is dedicated to him.


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