Games Need A More Holistic Approach Says Andy Serkis

By Colin Tan on October 11, 2010, 7:09PM EDT

Andy Serkis, most known for his role in The Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as for his collaborative effort with Ninja Theory in their games Heavenly Sword and the recently released Enslaved, believes that video games require a more "holistic" and "unified" approach in regards to storytelling.

"What really needs to happen is the screenwriting, the scriptwriting, needs to be developed. Because clearly there's so much artistry involved and it's a very engaging medium, but where it sort of falls down, from watching my kids playing their games, is this lack of attention to story and screenwriting and performance," Andy Serkis said to Eurogamer.

"Everyone said to me when we were doing Heavenly Sword, you've got to bear in mind nobody's going to watch the cut-scenes because they just want to play the game, and I think the only reason that that's true, or has been true, is that the cut-scenes have been perfunctory. They've just not been an integral part of the game.

"If you attack in a holistic way right at the beginning and as you develop the game you're developing the script, you're developing the characters and the artwork, and you're casting your actors and having them in mind and how they're going to work with each other... If all of those things are flowing at the same time then you're going to have a much more unified concept," Serkis explained.

"I think that's where Ninja Theory's strength is - they truly understand that."

True enough, Andy Serkis and Ninja Theory have been strong supporters when it comes to storytelling and performance capture, usually working in tandem with one another for an engaging epic story.

Source: Eurogamer

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