Hideo Kojima Writes, Designs, Directs And Even Names His Games

By Colin Tan on October 13, 2010, 1:17PM EDT

Hideo Kojima, the genius behind the Metal Gear Solid series, food appreciator and Twitter fiend has yet again tweeted about a day in his life, in English.

Apparently he doesn't only write, design and direct games, he even names them.

"I was happy and getting used to the title given to our coming game, but I decided to change it," Kojima tweeted. "Any game that I design, will be named by me."

Kojima explained previously that only games he is directly involved in will receive the label "A Hideo Kojima Game."

"I do not add this to games that I only produce," he said.

Kojima is currently at work on several new titles. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, in which he played an overseer role, just released this week.

Source: Kotaku

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