Microsoft To Relaunch Games For Windows Marketplace

By Colin Tan on October 23, 2010, 2:55PM EDT

Microsoft is looking to get back in the game of digital distribution with the relaunch of Games for Windows Marketplace next month. They're up against some stiff competition: Valve's Steam and Apple's App Store.

Speaking with Joystiq, group product manager Peter Orullian revealed that the vision of the project is to turn the store into the "destination for games for PC gamers," with Amazon setting the benchmark.

Unfortunately, Games for Windows Marketplace will not feature many of its competitor's features at launch. Orullian promises that eventually features like a rating system will be put in place, as well as pre-order incentives.

"Definitely you should show up on day one, because we're going to have a great pre-order on a title you may care about," he added.

In addition, both points and credit cards will be available as checkout options.

"What's cool is if you happen to be a console game and you have MS Points in your Xbox Live account, or you could be a Zune Pass Subscriber, or you could just have a Hotmail account -- any of those will work to sign in, and then you can spend those points if you have them or you could buy more points. But one of the other things that's new about Games for Windows Marketplace is that won't be necessary. If you don't have those or don't want to do it that way, you'll also be able to purchase games with a debit or credit card."

Source: Joystiq

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