New Gameplay Footage Of Bioshock : Infinite Released

By Lauren Alessandra on October 2, 2010, 2:27PM EDT

Game Informer has posted a new video featuring 10 minutes of gameplay from Bioshock : Infinite.

This footage features our main character who, unlike the first installment of the series, actually has a voice. The style is extremely steam-punk-esque as most of the inhabitants dress in a very early 19th century style and the technology seems to surpass many of the mechanics used today.

It seems quite a few new powers have been introduced including one where you can control birds reminiscent of the bee controlling power from the previous titles. Bioshock's "shocking" power seems to have returned and also "telekinesis". However, it seems that telekinesis has had a bit of an upgrade as now if you steal a weapon from an enemy, you're able to take it and turn it around mid air and use it against them.

Don't expect to see any "little sisters" in this title. Now it seems they've been replaced by sorceress' who are frequently followed by Big Daddies who have also received a bit of a makeover. The normal Big Daddies from the first game have now been given actual faces and hearts. Some have even grown mechanical wings.

Unlike the twisted decaying inhabitants of Rapture, the characters of Infinite seem a lot more human, however, when you cross one of these "humans" their eyes seem to glow gold. Also, some of the enemies have obtained your special powers. As seen in the trailer, you steal the crow controlling ability from an old man sitting on a park bench feeding crows goes from a nice civilian to murderous crazy person in the manner of seconds.

The new travel system between areas is really interesting. Now you use what seems to be a latch of some sort to travel grip on to massive roller coaster like tracks which lead you to various other areas.

Overall the game-play looks quite impressive and I would be lying if I said I wasn't extremely excited for this title.

Here's the footage :


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