Nintendo And Microsoft Least Eco-Friendly Electronics Manufacturers

By Colin Tan on October 27, 2010, 9:38PM EDT

Nintendo and Microsoft are at the very bottom of the scale for eco-friendly electronics manufacturers, according to a rating done by GreenPeace International.

Out of a score of 10, Nintendo only scored a measly 1.8, all of which comes from PVC free wiring and toxic chemical control.

"It continues to score zero on all e-waste criteria and although it has improved its information to customers about access to its take-back programme in the US and Canada, this is not enough to score points."

Nintendo ranks at the very bottom of the list of green electronics manufacturers. Microsoft is next up on the list, dropping from 16th position to 17th "as a result of a penalty point imposed for backtracking on its commitment to phase out BFRs and PVC by the end of 2010."

Sony, on the other hand, comes in at 6th position (tied with Panasonic and Motorola) for doing "relatively well on chemicals." However, they still need "to show more progress in bringing new products that are free from these hazardous substances onto the market" if they wish to keep their position.

Source: GreenPeace

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