Panasonic Returns To Gaming, Reveals Online Portable Gaming Device

By Colin Tan on October 4, 2010, 11:29PM EDT

If you've been waiting for one heck of a surprise to make your day. This will either make or break it. You read that title right, Panasonic's back in the, so to speak. They've revealed tonight a brand new portable device that is meant solely for online gaming. In particular, the MMO type of online gaming.

Well I'll just stick with my PSP and DSi if I want to game on-the-go is probably what you're thinking right about now. The fascinating thing about the Jungle, no matter how bulky and how much it resembles something out of the early 90's, it's rumoured to have quite the hardware. According to Gizmodo, the little bugger contains a hi-def screen with a resolution so "bananas," people were pretty crazy excited about it. Moreover it's rumoured to even have HDMI output.

It's as of yet unconfirmed but the Jungle may run Linux OS. It comes fully equipped with a D-pad, face and shoulder buttons and even a Qwerty keyboard. The screen and processor also range around the $400 point although Gizmodo reckons it won't sell unless it's priced around $200 - which seems to be the sweet spot for portable devices excluding the Nintendo 3DS.

Here's a video of reveal, courtesy of Kotaku. Check it out, it's pretty amusing.

Source: Gizmodo

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