PSP2 Set For Fall 2011, Has Dual Analog Sticks And Touchpad

By Colin Tan on October 25, 2010, 5:58PM EDT

The PSP2 may be set for release by Fall next year, completely armed with dual analog sticks, a touchpad and a bigger "HD" screen, reports Kotaku.

The PSP2 was apparently shown off at the Tokyo Game Show behind closed doors. It was rumoured to have a touch sensitive pad although how it would be implemented into gamers was never detailed, Sony is apparently leaving that to the discretion of developers.

In addition, the device will sport the much desired dual analog sticks and a bigger screen that is supposedly HD. The picture is much sharper according to sources that have seen it.

Kotaku's sources claim that a Fall release window has been pegged for the portable gaming device. Sony obviously isn't commenting on the topic.

Source: Kotaku

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