Sega Delisting Bad Sonic Games To Increase Value

By Lauren Alessandra on October 7, 2010, 8:43AM EDT

Sega is de-listing Sonic games that are of low/average quality.

What this means is, any game that has been given a low or average score on Metacritic has now been taken off the shelves and will no longer be sold.

"Any Sonic game with an average Metacritic has been de-listed," said Sega's SVP of EMEA Jurgen Post.

This is offering the company a chance to increase the value of the brand and will hopefully offer a lot more for the new Sonic games coming out this Christmas; Sonic Colours, Sonic Free Riders, and Sonic 4.

Although, I am not sure many of us seasoned players will be able to forget the Sonic failures of the past, perhaps it's good for those not overly familiar with the Sonic games.

Source: MCV

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