Sony No Longer Supplying PSP Development Kits

By Lauren Alessandra on October 7, 2010, 12:33PM EDT

Sony is no longer sending development kits out for the current PSP model. They have contacted all communities and informed them that they will no longer be receiving development and testing tools starting November 15.

The official message read, "SCEE will no longer be selling the PSP Development Tool (DTP-T2000A) or Testing Tool (DTP-H2500A) past November 15th. Please order in advance if you require these development units," "We will advise you when a new model becomes available".

Last month, it was revealed that the studio was in the process of making a "PSP 2". So perhaps the company is making some room for the new hand-held in order for retailers to have it by Christmas 2011.

We can only dream this is the case.

Source: CVG

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