Sony UK And LoveFilm Partner For Integrated Streaming Service

By Colin Tan on October 13, 2010, 12:52PM EDT

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced that LoveFilm will be officially integrated into PlayStation 3s in the UK.

LoveFilm is a subscription based streaming service and claims to have the UK's largest choice titles to be streamed via TVs and PS3s. Currently 1.4 million members strong, it offers plenty of movies and TV programs and 67,000 titles for rental on DVD. Did I mention they also offer rentals of every PS3 and PSP title?

"We know there is a huge interest within our audience for film, and so the addition of LoveFilm to our current range of services is a very natural fit and one which significantly enhances the value proposition of PlayStation 3," said SCE UK's head honcho Ray Maguire.

"LoveFilm has a proven track record of success and innovation in the film distribution field and is a very welcome addition to the PlayStation family that I'm confident PlayStation gamers will embrace enthusiastically."

"This is game-changing for LoveFilm and transformational for the UK home entertainment market as a whole. PS3 already has a very large installed customer base of all ages, all of whom will soon be able to benefit from our unique combination of instantly available content, streamed through their PS3, as well as DVD, Blu-ray & Games rental by post. To become PS3's partner for our service is a tremendous endorsement of the value, choice and convenience offered by LoveFilm," pitched in LoveFilm Chief Executive Simon Calver.

Sony have yet to announce a release date but at the very least, UK citizens can rest easy knowing a TV and film streaming service is inbound.

Source: CVG

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