Team Fortress 2 Modders Earn A Ton Thanks to Virtual Marketplace

By Colin Tan on October 23, 2010, 2:19AM EDT

The new peer-to-peer marketplace was recently introduced to Team Fortress 2 with five community members spearheading the content creation initiative. Those five, Rob Laro, Shawn Spetch, Steven Skidmore, Spencer Kern and Shaylyn Hamm have reaped what they sowed: payouts ranging from $39,000 to $47,000 within the first two weeks of sales alone.

"It's astounding that so many people want to purchase the items that came out of the community," said Team Fortress 2 community content creator Kern. "The response exceeded my wildest expectations. There really is no doubt at this point that there's a huge demand for community-created content in TF2 and, hopefully, more games will start to tap into this demand."

"At a time when content creators are struggling with changing markets and evolving technologies, the Steam community is sending a clear message with these checks," said Gabe Newell, president of Valve.

"Platforms that enable this kind of peer-to-peer exchange of virtual goods and services are going to be enthusiastically received. They create an inherently greater efficiency in connecting creators and consumers."

Source: CVG

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