Valve Releases New DLC For Left 4 Dead

By Lauren Alessandra on October 1, 2010, 9:38AM EDT

For all those Left 4 Dead fans itching for more, Valve has now released a trailer for a new campaign featuring some very familiar faces.

This new campaign, "The Sacrifice", takes place before "The Passing" campaign which is already available for download. The storyline details the survivors' struggle to stay alive as they move south. This campaign features "sacrificial gameplay" where one of the team members must play the part of the sacrificial lamb and kill themself for the sake of the other players.

This DLC will be featured on both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game and can also be played on the original Left 4 Dead.

The only known difference between the two versions is that the Left 4 Dead version features the original cast of characters and special zombies where the Left 4 Dead 2 will feature both. Also those who own the sequel will now have access to the "No Mercy" campaign. This will also feature the new special zombies.

No word on a release date, however, Valve has released a trailer which can be viewed here :


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