Warhawk Director Won't Rush Unannounced Sony Title

By Colin Tan on October 28, 2010, 11:49AM EDT

Director of the fan-favourite Warhawk, Dylan Jobe says the studio will not be making the mistake of rushing their "unannounced Sony title," but assures fans and followers that they are indeed making some "fantastic progress."

"We know our fans and the media are very interested in getting an update on what we're working on and I can't wait to show it," wrote Jobe on Twitter.

"The game is still making absolutely fantastic progress -- the result of all the hard work from our team here at LightBox Interactive! We don't want to show it before its ready! Our industry shows its games too early a lot of the time and we are not going to make that mistake.

"We're really doing some new and exciting stuff and simply put, it all just takes time -- and we won't rush it. Player's deserve games that aren't rushed. Period."

The question is, will it be a follow through to Warhawk or something entirely new?

Source: CVG

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