Yakuza 4 Cuts Are Minor Says Sega

By Colin Tan on October 8, 2010, 1:45AM EDT

Yakuza 3 saw some pretty big cuts when it was brought over from Japan, specifically the Hostess bar, which was quite a big deal. Sega have confirmed that Yakuza 4 will not see such substantial removals from the game.

Speaking with Kotaku, a Sega rep revealed that the Hostess Bar, among other things, will be included in the western release of Yakuza 4. Unfortunately, the big cut will be of Answer x Answer, an interactive Japanese game show. However fans were assured that it was not cut because of the content, but that it'll be too tedious to translate all of the custom-animated fonts into English. Keeping it in would cause Yakuza 4 to miss its scheduled Spring 2011 release window.

Yakuza 4 was released in Japan March this year and will be out in the west come Spring 2011.

Source: Kotaku

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