Activision Constantly Studies Competition, No Ego Problem Here

By Colin Tan on November 12, 2010, 2:33PM EDT

Activision says the company is always on the look out and constantly studying the competition for ways to improve themselves. By the way, they don't have an ego problem, or so they claim.

COO Thomas Tippl spoke at the BMO Digital Entertainment Conference saying that Activision is all about looking for ways to reapply other companies' good practices.

"While we are today, we believe by any objective measure, the clear industry leader, there's no room for complacency at Activision Blizzard," he said.

"We constantly look around. We look at our competitors but also - and maybe even more importantly - we look at other media companies, other online companies, companies in places like China and Korea and see what they do best," he added without mentioning any specific names.

"We constantly look around ourselves to see what best practices make sense for us to re-apply, while at the same time our development, marketing and retail teams constantly challenge themselves to set records and do a lot of firsts.

"I wouldn't go into any specific company, but we look at all of them and we don't have the ego to think we're the best at everything."

What say you to that, ladies and gentlemen?

Source: CVG

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