Atlus's Radiant Historia Coming To The West

By Shawn Collier on November 22, 2010, 8:45PM EDT

Earlier this year, we posted some news about a new Nintendo DS game, Radiant Historia, being released and developed by Atlus. With the game being released earlier this month in Japan, many were wondering what the status of the game in the West would be. Atlus has just answered that, with an official announcement for a Western release of the game.

Radiant Historia is a JRPG for the Nintendo DS, which has a very similar name to the tri-Ace cult hit Radiata Stories, which was released by Square Enix on the PS2 a few years back, and for good reason. Some of the key staff, such as lead artist Hiroshi Konishi, reprising their roles.

Atlus will be releasing the game in North America sometime in February 2011. As an added bonus, all launch copies will include a free music CD which includes unique piano arrangements from Yoko Shimomura's score for the game --- many should know her name from games such as Kingdom Hearts and Legend of Mana.

Atlus has also included the first trailer for the game, which can be found below.

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