DICE: Controversy Affected Medal Of Honor Reviews

By Colin Tan on November 6, 2010, 2:50PM EDT

The controversy surrounding Medal of Honor has affected the game in more ways than one, including its review scores, according to DICE, the studio that worked on the multiplayer aspect for the game.

"The controversy did affect some reviews," DICE's Patrick Liu told Eurogamer.

"It stirs a lot of feelings, just the setting. And that does affect people's judgement. But otherwise, this is a reboot of a franchise. It's an investment for EA as a company. We need to build upon what we have achieved so far and improve and build up the franchise again from scratch, basically.

"In that sense, I think we're off to a very good start."

Another issue that contributed to Medal of Honor's less-than-stellar reception was obviously the competition, Liu pointed out.

"It's partly because we're in a very competitive genre," he explained. "We're also competing with ourselves. Obviously we're competing with Call of Duty. It's a very tricky situation to be squeezed in between those giants.

"Either the reviews are favourable, or they're not. There's nothing in between. It's polarised opinion about the game."

When asked how they felt about the game competing with their very own Battlefield series, Liu only said that it feels "awkward" at times.

Gaming Union gave Medal of Honor a score of 7 out of 10, check out our review to see why.

Source: Eurogamer

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