Fan Demand For Catherine Makes Red Bull Spew Out From Director's Nose

By Colin Tan on November 25, 2010, 4:10AM EDT

Excitement for Atlus' Catherine appears to be quite high, at least in Japan where the game is currently ranked as the third most wanted game by Famitsu, following Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter.

Apparently game director Katsura Hashino found the ranking to be so incredibly surprising that it made the Red Bull he was drinking at the time spew forth from his nose. He's a bit worried about the hype, admitting that perhaps fans are getting the wrong idea about the game.

Hashino reminds us that it's definitely not an RPG and while it is categorized as an action adventure, it's unlike other games of the same genre where players shoot away at monsters and freely move about the game world.

"It's a game made with a cinematic (?) fusion of action-puzzle and adventure. This is why if you're not all that good at action games, I think you'll be okay."

"It certainly does not have the level of freedom of many of the popular games of today. However, if you're interested in 'a slightly different feeling,' I believe you'll be fulfilled by the unique 'good feeling' that can only be experienced with this game."

Source: Andriasang

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